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My name is David Weinstein. I am a web and graphic designer based in Seattle, Washington. ?Every day thousands of WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix sites are being created by companies without the help of a professional designer. Despite?having the best tools they are unable to get traffic on their sites. My goal is to help local companies in the area build a dynamic website that generates traffic and revenue.?



Website Care Package

Let’s face it, in today’s business world you need a great website. Your time is valuable and you want your employees selling, not trying to figure out how to build a website. For a competitive price I can build you an innovative website that generates traffic and adds to your bottom line.

Graphic Design

Whether?it’s a logo, postcard, or banner I can help you expand your brand by giving your business it’s own personal identity. Many companies have been using the same logo for years. ?It’s time to renew your brand. ?It’s amazing what the right logo can do for your business.


Google Analytics/Seo

Not sure if your google anylitics account is setup right. Well for a limited time DTW is doing a free site check where we make sure? Google analytics is setup correctly on your site. Information is the key to success for businesses online.


DTW Designs has helped many sites move there business online. Whether it be musical instruments, makeup, or digital products we will help you start and maintain online store. There is a lot of opprotunity on the digital frontier and we are here to lend a hand.?

Small Business

Sometime you just want to make your presence known. Which is why DTW designs has special deals for hosting and creating site that fit your ascetic. It’s hard to grow your business if nobody knows who you are and with our help we will give you a place to start and grow.?


Now you are thinking, where do I start? I have a logo, but is it helping my business make money? ?Am I using social media to help generate sales? I can help. ?Let’s have a sit down meeting and discuss your goals and the future of your company. The first meeting is free. ?What do you have to lose?

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