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Clean Designs, Better Experience

As a developer I understand that in order to make the best websites you need to provide a great experience for the client. Together I believe we can work on building the perfect website that fits your brand while also being user friendly. To put it simply together we can make a better online experience.


Web Design

I offer my services based on the type of business I am looking to work for. Not every client needs to break the bank on a website and together we will create a budget according to your project

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WordPress Website Speed

Now more than ever a websites success depends on one thing SPEED.  As a experienced developer I know the the fastest plugins and the best methods to make your website fast and reliable 

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Google SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an often overlooked part of website development. When building a website I focus on the URL’s and links on the site in order to better rank on search engines like Google or Bing.

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Updates & Support

Once your site is done I won’t leave you hanging. After your site is complete we include FREE updates and support for up to one year. 

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