Why Etsy Shops Should Move To Shopify

Being creative is great but having enough money to have food on the table is better. This is a quote?that my dad told me when I first said I wanted to build an Etsy?shop. Now I have tried building an Etsy?shop in the past and found my dad was right and I ended up losing more money then I gained. However, I think I found a way to be creative and make money through the e-commerce site builder called Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a web builder like WordPress and Squarespace?but unlike those builders, Shopify is made to specifically sell your products online.

Why Should I Use Shopify Over Etsy

The main reason I would choose Shopify over Etsy is that Shopify has a better integration?with social media then Etsy. Facebook advertising is the big marketing word in today’s?world and with the Facebook Pixel installed on your site you can create ads for people who buy your product.

Etsy does not allow the Facebook Pixel to be installed on the backend of your site.

This means you are unable to track your customers?and unable to directly advertise to them or generate solid leads, which in turn means you will never be able to take that next step in your business.

Also, Shopify has a “Buy Now Button” that allows you to directly sell your products on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Shopify offers a monthly subscription program that ranges from $29-$299/per month. Now I recommend?starting with the basic package but if your still not sure Shopify?is now having a free 14-day trial.

So you can build out your store see if you like the program and either stick with it or drop it after the trial.

If you want to have a Shopify?site but don’t want to build it get in touch with me and we?will see what we can do to help you build your site.