What Makes a Good Color Scheme According To Designers

Now to say a good color scheme is important to a site is a huge understatement. A good color scheme can turn a site that looks like complete trash and turns it into something worth looking at. While picking a color scheme isn’t an exact science?here are something you should consider before placing that red with that green.

01 Color Theory

We talked about this in a previous post but when you pick a color what you are really picking is an emotion that you want your user to feel. Lots of news sites use the color red in their headlining stories because they want to promote?anger and intensity while blogs about spiritual?growth use green because well that color represents growth. Understanding how you want to make the user feel with color theory goes a long way to making a better site.

02 Color Contrast

Never ever ever ever place black text with a blue background instead use white. But why? I can imagine you asking in my mind’s eye because unless it is a really bright blue black?text is unreadable on a blue background. For any text that needs to be read, you need high contrast in order to make it stand out. If people can’t read your text try using a color that makes the text stand out more. If the clients can’t read it they?won’t read it.

03 The Logo & Client

If nothing else remember that the logo is the most important thing to match color wise on the site. That means is the logo is yellow you must use yellow somewhere on the site even if it’s not your favorite color. At the end of the day you are not building the site for your own personal amusement?you are building it for a client, and hey if the client’s logo is terrible,?refer?one of your graphic design buddies to do a new one because referring people is really nice.


Coolors.co– Neet little color generator if you really have no idea what to do.

Unsplash– If you need quality commercial free images I recommend Unsplash