Atera Homes

I had the pleasure of working on an inspiring project showcasing the unique approach and unwavering dedication of Atera Homes. With a mission to turn dreams into reality, Atera Homes has redefined the custom home building experience, bringing together home buyers, designers, and builders under one roof.

The Atera Life: The website captures the essence of the Atera Homes experience, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the Atera Life. With captivating visuals and engaging content, it paints a vivid picture of the luxury and comfort that awaits in an Atera home. From the initial design concepts to the final construction, Atera Homes is committed to creating an environment where you can thrive and live your best life.

Our Commitment: The website emphasizes Atera Homes’ unwavering passion for delivering exceptional results. With their team of design and build experts, they strive to go above and beyond in fulfilling your aspirations for a dream home. Their dedication is rooted in their mission to provide the best home for you and your family, ensuring every detail is carefully considered and executed.

The whole website represents the unique approach that I take in designing websites to succeed not only on a design level but also with SEO. Each webpage was created with linking custom home plans in mind and we created location pages to capitalize on local search results. Along with a google embedded map on each of the location pages. The results have been staggering as they use to have to market the website through Facebook ads through SEO alone they generate 10-15 leads per day.