Correct Equipment

Meet my client: As a web developer, I had the privilege to work on an exceptional project showcasing the expertise and excellence of Correct Equipment, a leading supplier of process equipment, pump systems, controls, and instrumentation to the municipal water and wastewater industry in the Pacific Northwest since 1999.

My mother worked in the wastewater industry for for 24 years which is how I was able to connect with this exceptional client.

What was needed: It was a complete website redesign. The last time the whole website was update was back in the early 2000’s and it was in desperate need of a modern minimalist design.

Our solution: What we did was take the site and made it flow like the water the pumps they sold where pushing out. We also made sure to add a contact form on every page so that customer could contact the client without having to go to a specific page. Making every page into a landing page.

Proven results: The website was able to not only look better but also keep the content the client wanted to keep on the site. In the wastewater industry every pages content is very important working with the client to keep the bits of information they needed while still updating the site was the highest priority.

Remember this! Clients may have sites where the content is laid out poorly but that doesn’t mean that the content is worthless. It just means that it needs a good designer to go in and clean things up a bit!