I had the privilege of working on the design and development of, a family-owned business dedicated to simplifying life and organizing spaces for their customers. The website reflects their passion for sustainability and offers practical solutions for organizing belongings.

Elementor vs DIVI: I specialize in working with visual builders primary DIVI and Elementor. was built with Elementor and was the first big Ecommerce site that we have used the software for. Overall both builders do have their issues as far as performance and overuse of code. Elementor is more advanced but is harder for a client to use while DIVI is better out of the box and has better performance overall. Meori was a fun project to play around with Elementor with.

Backend Integrations: Meori being a Ecommerce site has a lot of backend integrations that DTW designs helped connect. Some integrations include Ship Station, Tax Codes, QuickBooks and Google analytics. With the later (Google Analytics) being part of every website project that DTW Designs is a part of. The reason why we include this is because we like to provide a complete website experience meaning your website should be able to do anything that you need it to do and integrate with any software you need it to integrate with.