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WordPress Website Development

WordPress was one of the first content management systems or CMS’s to be widely available. It started it’s life as a simple blog website but quickly developed into the ultimate web building tool that is now used by 30% of all websites.

Together we will go through the design process. I will develop test templates for you, research other sites in your industry, and perform final testing for your site before sending it live. Once the site is live, we will be able to maintain and update it with ease.

Once the site is live there is no big monthly charge that hangs over your head. All you have to pay for is hosting and maintenance.

Reasons why to go with WordPress for your web development

SEO Search Optimization

  • WordPress comes with free tools to help your website rank on Google and other search engines
  • Because WordPress is easy to update Google will recommend your site more based on the fact it is up to date.

Content Management

  • No HTML required to make a WordPress page all you would have to do to create a page in WordPress is copy and paste text into the page and WordPress does the rest.
  • Uploading photo’s and video’s is also super easy and Google loves nothing more than a good photo.
  • WordPress allows you to schedule posts. So if you are keeping a company blog you can spend a couple of hours creating blog post and have them come out over the course of weeks. Google and other search engines love content.

Social Media Integration

  • WordPress has the toolset to link your social media directly to your site and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram even has widgets you can install on your site that shows people recent post, comments, and likes.

Premium Themes and Plugins

  • When you sign up with me you will get access to my collection of premium themes and plugins. WordPress has been around since 2003 and many developers have already created solutions to your development problems. If there is every an issue that come up on your website or you want to add functionality to the site chances are there is a plugin that can help.

Mobile Friendly

  • WordPress sites are predesigned to be mobile friendly. 50% of web traffic comes from cell phone and if people see a site that is hard to navigate on there phone chances are they will leave the site.