Google SEO Solutions

Basic Definition of SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a blanket term for many different processes used to get traffic on your site from search engines like Google and Bing. When it comes down to it there are many strategies used to create a good SEO site but here are some of the best and most common.

Content, Content, Content

Google loves content so the more pages you have on your site and the more keywords you have on your site the more Google will send organic traffic to your site. Making sure your pages have something that people search for and you can rank for is a lot easier when you have over twenty pages/blog post on your site.

If you have a solution to a problem that people need the answer to create a blog post about it with a catchy title. If Google knows you have the answers Google will give you the traffic

Internal Linking

As a web developer, this is the one that I see a lot of developers overlook. Creating pages that mainly serve to have links to other pages on your site is great for your rankings.

Anything you can do to create links to pages on your site such as breadcrumbing adding links to the footer, and setting up linked buttons is essential to any web project and is something I include automatically on bigger web projects.

Directories and Registers

The number one thing you should do right now if you have a local type business is register your business in Google, Yelp, and any other directories you can find.

Once you have a Google business page get reviews for your business with your current customers. The better your star ranking the better your ranking is going to be when someone types your business type near me.

Linking your website, phone number, and email to these directories will also help your site in it’s overall rankings.

I can help

If your site is having issues with traffic great news I can help you get started on these solutions and we can work on getting your traffic up.