Website Maintenance

Website Hosting and Maintenance

DTW designs will host and maintain your website for a low annual cost. If your site ever goes down you can be missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue. With our hosting we guarantee that not only will you site be fast but it will be dependable.

We offer three packages:

Basic hosting and maintenance

where every week I’ll go in and update your site, have monthly site backups, and you get one major project renewable for up to one year.

Premium hosting package

includes everything in our basic hosting package. It also includes weekly site backups, up to 5 hours of monthly development, two big web/marketing projects per year, and every 10 years you can redesign your entire site for free.

Super premium package

includes everything the premium package includes. Plus daily updates to the site. 24/7 support, a free website redesign every 5 years, and a monthly web based project or marketing and free speed optimizations.