Wordpress Speed Solutions

Website speed is more important today than it has ever been. If a potential lead spends more than 3 seconds waiting for your site to load they will leave your site and never return. Here are a couple of solutions I recommend to clients when working on speed issues.


Caching is when the php elements on your website is saved as html causing faster loading times and better speed results

If your don’t have a caching plugin on your site currently I recommend getting one and installing it on your site right away. Here is a link to some caching plugins I have used in the past

Image resizing

If your images are too big on your site’s load speed will suffer. A common problem I see is 3000px wide image being loaded in space that is 300px wide. The images will take a few seconds to fit the image in the space and the overall page data size will be high.


Bad hosting will cause bad page speed. There are many solutions to increase your page speed but if you are hosting on a server that is not dedicated to your site or has an issue with slow loading times then it’s time to get a new host.

I have our own hosting and care package that I provide on this site otherwise I recommend for cheaper hosting go with Siteground.

For premium hosting go with Wpengine.

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