The Three Things You Need To Study as a Freelance Website Developer

Today and over the next couple of weeks, we will be going over what I believe is the essential steps it takes to become a website developer. I’ve broken it down into three simple steps with a more in depth analysis?in the following posts. This post is to serve as a general overview of what to study if you want to learn more about being a website developers. So without further ado?here are the three things you need to study to become a web developer.

Design Principles

In order to make a good looking?website, you need to understand what makes things look good. So go to an art museum study graphic design history a good book for that being, “Graphic Design: A New History” ?by Stephen J. Eskilson and look at other good website and write down why you think they work.


Probably the biggest?turn-off to people new to web?development?but understanding how a website is made on its base level is really important. Nowadays people can learn HTML and CSS using resources like and youtube videos. If you’re new to coding I highly recommend getting a Sublime text. It’s free to use and is better to code with than?the standard notepad. Also, did I mention it is FREE!! It will ask you to buy the full version but all you have to do is click on and you’re good to code.

Content Managment Systems

A content management system is that thing that all the YouTubers are getting paid to advertise. The standard Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress sites that allow you to build your own websites very quickly using themes and template files. Most people skip to this when trying to becoming a web developer and for good reason seeing as this is the fastest way to build a website and that about 30% of websites are WordPress sites. Trust me when I say this if you want to become a freelance web developer?learn WordPress first then branch out.


So that’s it if you liked this post be sure to share it and as I said I will go more in depth with this more in the coming weeks.