Why Shopify is Good For Clients as Well As Web Developers

Simple To Use And Web Developer?Friendly

The main complaints I get with other e-commerce builder is, “It’s too hard for me to maintain the site.” Usually, in this case, I would charge a monthly maintenance/content fee so I get some recurring revenue and the client does not have to worry about the site.?However, every once and a while a client will be mad I include this fee and go ahead and “maintain the site” by themselves.

With Shopify, the client does not have to worry because site changes are a breeze.

All the themes are made so that inserting content is extremely?easy and I find that it usually?only takes an hour or two to figure out how to add additional products to a Shopify site.

Plus Shopify allows web developers?to go into the back end of there sites so if you do need the help designing a website someone like me could help.

Overall it’s a pretty good deal.