How Color Defines The Emotion Of Your Site

There are many ways to build the viewer’s eye to the most important thing on the page. One makes it bigger which we discussed in the last post, two is to placement on the page and three?is color. Of the three color seems to be the easiest to comprehend because we see it used the most in our lives whether it be stopping at a light or seeing signs for fresh fruits. So here is some key thing you must know about color in order to build websites.

01 A What Does Each Color Represent

In short here is what each color represents

Power, energy, passion, desire, speed, strength

Joy, optimism, happiness, danger, sunshine, idealism

Nature, environment, health, good luck, renewal,

Peace, harmony, unity, trust, truth, security

Royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mystery, transformation

Energy, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vitality, expansion

Safety, reliability, intelligence, melancholy, modesty

Earth, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability

Reverence, virginity, nothingness, cleanliness, peace, humility

Power, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery


02 Why Color Theory is Important

Knowing how certain colors make people feel can give your site an added emotional response. For example on this site, I use orange, black and white. The orange because I wanted my site to feel the want and inviting, the black to give a sense of elegance and refinement, and the white to make all the pages look clean and fresh. When a client asks you why you chose a certain color because it looks nice isn’t going to cut it.

So I feel like this is a good place to stop on Thursday will be going over how to chose a color scheme and if there is any true method to this. If you liked the post be sure to share it and have a wonderful day.


“The Elements Of Color” by Johannes Itten– Only one resource today this is the main book I read to learn a ton about color theory and while you can find free pdfs of it online I think it’s worth the buy.